Thursday, October 21, 2010

France Just Does Cheese Better

I was trolling the cheese isle at Whole Paycheck the other day with limited success. Bless their hearts they do try. There are some amazing american Cheeseries (if Sarah Palin can make up words then so can I), but stores just don't have the materials to work with that a French cheese stand does. Don't get me wrong, I love american cheeses. I just think we have a long way to go.

I was lucky enough to travel to France for business this summer. Here are some snippets of the cheeseventure.

This is in an outside market in Cannes. Notice the classy grass matt and elegant use of wrapping paper.
The soft goat and the blues.

A breakfast to kill for.
Now we move north to Avignon.
Where we find a mystery not even the several random french people I asked could solve. This cheese stand had these on display along with their delicious bounty seen one picture up. They are too old even for real stink lovers and it's all different kinds. I could only think of two possible reasons to keep these on display.
1. Cheese hoarding
2. Mould seeding
If you know what's going on here, please let us know.

Here's a train lunch to kill for. The cheese is so soft that it needs that wood ring to keep it from blobbing out all over the place.

Perfect. Toast, slab of goat cheese, fried egg.

Rotten boob juice is the best.


  1. MMM... I love cheese. And yeah, I've had the best cheeses in Europe, though I've never been to France. These are great pictures!

    Visiting from the forums--hello! Cute blog! :)