Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mary Olson (episode 2) Dating Without Desperation

Here is ye ol' episode 2 of my web series Mary Olson.
We're working on a second season. It's going to be VERY cringie.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Send the Scarlet Furies to Memphis!

Hey ladies and gents. Are you looking for a really cool Alternative Folk band? Then The Scarlet Furies are your men and woman. Check out their website for tour info and whatnot.
They have an opportunity to record a live album in Memphis and they've made this Kickstarter video with great incentives to help them get there.
Check it out.

Their Facebook page describes them as:
The rootsy romance of American southern gothic angels and demons, wrapped in a seductive veil of rich harmonies and anything with strings.

Raleigh Holmes- Vocals, autoharp
Buck Wilcox- vocals, guitar, bass
Ian Francisco-Bass, Keyboards, accordian
Robert Holmes- Guitars, vocals, uke
Steve Hilstein- Percussion and things that make noise

They are super awesome and you should give them some scratch to get to Tennessee.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deux Pastis s'il vous plai

What is Pastis? Where's my blanket. What are you doing in my garage?
These are all excellent questions.
I told you about some of the cheese I ate in france. What I haven't told you is what I drank.
Pastis! Yes, but what is Pastis?
Hold your horses. I'll tell you.  It's an anise flavored spirit. So if you're one of those crazy people who doesn't like licorice then you can skip down an entry and read about tea pots.
Don't worry, it doesn't cause blurry hand syndrome. That was the french fries.
It's served with a picture of water that you add to the booze. It clouds up like Ouzo and can range in color from beige to carmel to bright green. It's quite refreshing whether you're in the south of France, a condo balcony in the City of Commerce, or having a stroll down the Seine in Paris on a summer evening enjoying a light breeze.
I loved it so much that I even braved the water cracker lined halls of Bev Mo when I got back. It seems that Pernod and Ricard are the main brands you can get in the US. They seem just fine. Cheap bastards should keep in mind that you're mixing the stuff with equalish (to taste) parts water so imagine the bottle is twice as big and it won't seem so pricy.
It's also an easy thing to order if you went to France excited by their wine and then realized that it's true what Steven Spurrier proved in the Judgement of Paris- California wines are better. Granted I was drinking the house wine at little cafe bar's but that should be good! It was crap. If france wants to prove that their wine is good they are welcome to send me some. I will drink it in the interest of world peace.
Pastis is pastis is pastis and I never had a bad one.
Even people who wear this awesome Octopus on a bike shirt from darkcycleclothing like Pastis.
Of course if you're not in the mood for something alcoholic but you are thirsty and turned on by Zebra's then you could always have an Orangina. As if the word Orangina wasn't filthy enough! What is she doing with that hoof? Also, how is she holding that bottle with her other hoof? 
I feel like we are missing out on some great advertisements over here with our puritan cultural roots. I also feel like this picture raises many more questions than it answers.
It's not summer. But it's Los Angeles so I think I'll have a Pastis!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cuppa Tea?

Everyone with taste knows tea is good food. It's full of delicious particles and imperialist history. It also enjoys a long history with everyone's favorite Time Lord.
True tea is only from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.

"But tea is so hot that it scalds my hand!" Well then you should drink it out of a cup and brew it in a tea pot you moron.
There are lots of awesome tea pots out there. I just bought a Japanese cast iron beauty from my favorite tea website which is going out of business. If you hurry you can still catch the 50% sale on the limited stuff they have left. Single tear.
You can also support handmade over on Etsy. Do it!
There is this cool weirdness which makes us all a little uncomfortable but is also awesome. Reshapestudio seems to have a bit of an oral fixation and also tons of beautiful stuff.
There are some crazy awesome things going on over at Teapot88. Some of the curves over there are downright pornographic.

This little beauty and many others comes from NY's drgceramics.
If you like to be constantly terrified that your treasured handmade ceramics are tumbling to their doom then this is the cutie for you from candyaustinceramics. They have lots of stuff that isn't blood pressure raising and is super neat. Just take a deep breath. It's going to be ok.
Speaking of blood pressure! These handpainted beauties come from HeartMarks.
What? All right these are pretty cute patspottery.

Now please everyone as you run to the kitchen remember loose leaf. Bags are for tea baggers.