Monday, May 23, 2011

Robot Necklace

I get to make a bunch of Robot Necklaces!

Not long ago my Kickstarter project to change the "N-Word" to "Robot" in Huck Finn was successful. 

We are busily working to make the incentives. Our amazing copy editor Emily Wilder, who's very entertaining blog can be found here at Wilder Goose Chase is busily copy editing. The ten million illustrations (that's how many there were at last count) are being altered to include Robot Jim instead of Human Jim.
I'm responsible for the Robot Necklace.
If you want your very own and missed the Kickstarter campaign then you can get it here on Etsy.
When the book is ready you can get it here at

All hail our Robotic overlords! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Incredibly Exciting and Dangerous World of Drawer Pulls

We all have drawers to open. You might as well admit it. No one who's anyone keeps their skeletons in closets anymore. Dressers, chifferobes, cabinets and buffets are where it's at.
"But how are we supposed to open these fancy boxes to get to our stuff? Telekinesis?"
No. But enjoy that terrible website. And if you know where those people live feel free to let your dog poop on their lawn and not pick it up. They can remove it with their minds.
Getting to your stuff can be accomplished through knobs.

Etsy has a wide variety.

Michael R Doyle Mrd74 does amazing work in metal with bird skulls and other bits of natural history.

For the more geographically minded Sherry Truitt Studios has these map drawer pulls. Maybe they would be particularly good to pull open the drawers of your map collection.

Monkey Shines has a variety of cool natural history inspired pulls with a clean modern look.

Da Rosa has these awesome Star Wars little guys.
Black Turtle Metals makes all kinds of beautiful accessories for your house.

Dreamery Studio does neat natural history inspired things with drawer pulls and printing on old book pages.

Shimrita makes awesome and ridiculous cupcakes. Don't eat them.

If you can't open your drawers after this then give telekinesis another try. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Etsy in The Selling

I've been loving Etsy for years. I think it's a fantastic place to find both awesome and truly horrifically wonderful things (thank you Regretsy).  It also gives artists, crafters and junk collectors the ability to sell their work without having to deal with traditional selling venues.

When we were working on our film The Selling I wanted to include some of the etsy things I had bought in the world of the movie. I put some things in front of the costume designer Christine Bean, and the art director Katrin Eder and these were some things that they used.

The lead character Richard Scarry played by Gabriel Diani wears this fantastic Grumpy Owl's shirt.
It is made by the etsy shop Deadworry. I love her stuff!

Then in my character Ginger's apartment we can see this guy from Berkleyillustration.

I love Ryan's work and it is all over my apartment and the houses of at least three other cast members that I know of.

This next really cool shop mostly ended up on the cutting room floor but if you know it's there you can see photos from Swirlingthoughts on the wall of Richard Scarry's mother's house (played by the fantastic
Nancy Lenehan).
These toy photos are super good. The barbie series is particularly awesome.

I also used some of my own jewelry from Underoakstudios.

I will be using more etsy stuff in other things that I produce. If you're going to do this make sure you get a release from the artist.

Thanks guys!