Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Be a super fancy Movie Producer

The Kickstarter fundraising project I AM I has 347 backers and has raised $58,421 so far out of the $100,000 it needs to make it's goal. It would be great if you could donate to this super cool project. If you can't put it on your facebook or twitter feed. Do both! Tell everyone. There are only 9 days to go!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dog clothes. Not always stupid?

People who dress up their dogs have a well deserved reputation for being ridiculous. Dog clothes? Please.
There are however some examples that are so awesome that they jump beyond ridiculous right to fantastic.
Painting your dog? Yes please. If you do it like this.

I always loved the Bow Wow Ween costume contests put on by Much Love Animal Rescue but still held out some ridicule in my heart for those who dressed up their dogs.
That is until this guy decided to live with us. This is Dr. Watson. He's rather thin. So he shivers when it's cold. This is extremely pathetic. I'm now a dog sweater convert. I accept that some dogs need sweaters. So should you. Really. The shivering is extremely pathetic. Watson should grow his balls back.

But until he does I have my eye on some dog sweaters.

This one is a complete failure. Thanks a lot 99 cent store.
It gets a plus in the ridiculous department but a big minus in the too long department and the getting pee all over it department.
So my quest begins and ends on Etsy.

This one is super cute. The Seamus from k9knits.
Nice color. Good arm and penis holes. A very dignified model. Love it.

Then there is this bug eyed snorfelbutt cutie. The Winter Solstice Dog Cowl from Earthwalkers.
Every cute little dog needs a cowl. It's THE LAW.

Then there is this ridiculousness. If there was every a breed that needed a snood it's the Grayhound. (also my favorite drink at the moment. Vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. Perfect.)
Please adopt a Grayhound today and crochet them this snood from aandboriginalsdogs ASAP.

There are these silly and fantastic guys wearing their Eco Dog Coats made from recycled plastic by anniessweatshop.
Wet nose included. 

Oh noes! SHARK!!!!!!
Whew. That was close.

Last but not least is of course everyone's favorite Beanzilla Dog Sweater from BeanTownHandmade.
There are tons and tons more. I encourage you to do a search for Dog Sweater on etsy and enjoy. There are many super cute examples of dogs being submissive while frustrated knitters try to take a picture of their model who just wants to scrunch down and look sad while being yelled at. Priceless.

Watson wanted me to say one more thing.
Oh hai!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Selling Trailer

Hey ladies and gentlemen The Selling trailer is up on YouTube!

Check it out!
Please Fan it on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @TheSelling and join our mailing list for release and festival information when it comes up.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Robot Nativity Scene

The fantastic and amazing Chad Meserve has taken time out of his busy schedule to make you some robots.
Here is a nativity scene complete with severed heads of world leaders.
Santa Robot.
Parental Unit.
And of course last but not least the Jet Pack Robot which has already sold.
These are very cool robots.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chicken Monkey Duck

If you've never seen Chicken Monkey Duck by the lovely and talented Mike Phirman you haven't lived. Choose life now.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Donate to "I Am I" on Kickstarter and finally be truly happy.

Have you been looking for meaning in your sad life? Well here it is. Give your money to cool stuff. Seems to work for evil gajillionares.
If you've never heard of crowd funding it is just what it sounds like. Instead of trying to squeeze large amounts out of large investors you beg small amounts from small investors. Making a movie is really expensive. REALLY.
So here is the lovely and wonderful Jocelyn Towne telling you all about it.

Check out the cool stuff you can get when you donate like walk on's and party invites and Simon Helberg doing your outgoing message.
You can then go over to the film website and check out the cool film maker interviews.

I have read the script and it's truly wonderful. Every little bit helps. Lets help make a movie!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Hate It!

I've been hating some stuff lately. Ideas, outfits, smells etc. Saying "I hate it" reminded me of this iPhone app I did some voice work on. The iHateIt app from Yay Robot . Check it out in the app store.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Carl Sagan Day

Well you missed it.. Only one day out of the year to celebrate the late great Carl Sagan: scientist, author and cutie. You can make it up to yourself though. Go watch Cosmos again. Have some stardust in your stardust. Check out these super Saganie things on Etsy.

Here's mine.
And this cool clock.
This very meta bookshelf.
Amazing amino acid bracelet.
And much more all found in this very cool treasury made by Blushie who makes lovely handmade soap like this.
I'm sure Carl would have loved to take a shower with this.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Devil Nut- Or how to Trapa bicornis Halloween style

In honor of all hallows eve here is the Trapa bicornis, bat nut, devil pod etc...
You can mostly find them in Asian markets. They taste a bit like chestnuts and should be cooked the same way, by a Dickensian urchin with a runny nose and light fingers.
They grow like this.
Looks pretty vulgar doesn't it? They're invasive and weedy in the American South and Australia so don't Jonny Appleseed them. But feel free to roast and munch them if you want to get at the Devil's nuts. Or hang them around your neck like the Afar men used to do to their enemies. Yes. Nut necklaces.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

France Just Does Cheese Better

I was trolling the cheese isle at Whole Paycheck the other day with limited success. Bless their hearts they do try. There are some amazing american Cheeseries (if Sarah Palin can make up words then so can I), but stores just don't have the materials to work with that a French cheese stand does. Don't get me wrong, I love american cheeses. I just think we have a long way to go.

I was lucky enough to travel to France for business this summer. Here are some snippets of the cheeseventure.

This is in an outside market in Cannes. Notice the classy grass matt and elegant use of wrapping paper.
The soft goat and the blues.

A breakfast to kill for.
Now we move north to Avignon.
Where we find a mystery not even the several random french people I asked could solve. This cheese stand had these on display along with their delicious bounty seen one picture up. They are too old even for real stink lovers and it's all different kinds. I could only think of two possible reasons to keep these on display.
1. Cheese hoarding
2. Mould seeding
If you know what's going on here, please let us know.

Here's a train lunch to kill for. The cheese is so soft that it needs that wood ring to keep it from blobbing out all over the place.

Perfect. Toast, slab of goat cheese, fried egg.

Rotten boob juice is the best.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Girl's Night Out

I can't believe we made this two years ago! We've been working on a whole new season and are hoping to shoot it early next year. We have some really great people guest staring and some fantastic writers in addition to me and Gabriel Diani. More coming soon. It's still very secret hush hush. Shhhhh...

You can follow Mary Olson herself  @MaryOlsonTweets

Lazy Useless Catalogue Living

Catalogues and their "style stories" are a great escape. It's lovely to grab an Uncommon GoodsAnthropologie, or even an LL Bean, catalogue and enjoy a window to a calm, beautiful and exciting whitewashed world. You can sit down for a minute among the urine soaked carpets and piles of empty Ephedrine bottles in your fifth floor walk up and have a moment of peace and quiet, basking in the way life should be.
But you should know something about those people in the catalogues. They are lazy. That is Janice. She is supposed to be at work right now. She called in sick. She isn't sick. Only wearing this redeems her. But how did she afford it working part time as a barista and going out EVERY night? What else is she selling besides coffee?

And as for this lovely couple? They aren't on vacation. They're the caterers. They're supposed to be inside making sushi for Linda and Larry Rosenberg's 40th wedding anniversary. Those boots are really cool, but was she really thinking ahead? She's going to be on her feet all night. Let's not even mention his shoes and their appropriateness for a night of black tie catering.

Now this is the worst example yet. This "gentleman" is wearing a very nice jacket out in the snow, walking slowly through the park enjoying his day. He is supposed to be picking up his kids from school three miles away. His wife usually does it but she has a dermatology appointment today to get that mole on her back checked out. The teacher who is running pick up is going to have to stay 45 minutes late and miss her spinning class. His kids are going to loose faith in him and get abandonment issues. His wife is going to be furious with him and this is the incident that leads her down the path of loosing respect for him completely. They end up having a bitter divorce in four years and everyone involved is screwed up forever.

So when you're sitting under flourescent lights in the emergency room waiting for them to reattach your left index finger after the table saw accident at work and you find yourself wishing for a catalogue life just remember, it isn't all it's cracked up to be.


You are what you eat. Food.