Thursday, November 11, 2010

Carl Sagan Day

Well you missed it.. Only one day out of the year to celebrate the late great Carl Sagan: scientist, author and cutie. You can make it up to yourself though. Go watch Cosmos again. Have some stardust in your stardust. Check out these super Saganie things on Etsy.

Here's mine.
And this cool clock.
This very meta bookshelf.
Amazing amino acid bracelet.
And much more all found in this very cool treasury made by Blushie who makes lovely handmade soap like this.
I'm sure Carl would have loved to take a shower with this.


  1. so cool! thanks for including my clock and paying tribute to carl sagan! -mb.

  2. I bet Carl Sagan would love these! What an inspiration!

  3. Drat, I had no idea! I would have celebrated his day. Great clock!

  4. Love all the cool things you found,especially the Amino Acid bracelet. Great post.

  5. You found some awesome stuff. Carl would be proud.

  6. Love all the things you found!! Way cool!

    Hopping over from the etsy forums.