Monday, December 13, 2010

Dog clothes. Not always stupid?

People who dress up their dogs have a well deserved reputation for being ridiculous. Dog clothes? Please.
There are however some examples that are so awesome that they jump beyond ridiculous right to fantastic.
Painting your dog? Yes please. If you do it like this.

I always loved the Bow Wow Ween costume contests put on by Much Love Animal Rescue but still held out some ridicule in my heart for those who dressed up their dogs.
That is until this guy decided to live with us. This is Dr. Watson. He's rather thin. So he shivers when it's cold. This is extremely pathetic. I'm now a dog sweater convert. I accept that some dogs need sweaters. So should you. Really. The shivering is extremely pathetic. Watson should grow his balls back.

But until he does I have my eye on some dog sweaters.

This one is a complete failure. Thanks a lot 99 cent store.
It gets a plus in the ridiculous department but a big minus in the too long department and the getting pee all over it department.
So my quest begins and ends on Etsy.

This one is super cute. The Seamus from k9knits.
Nice color. Good arm and penis holes. A very dignified model. Love it.

Then there is this bug eyed snorfelbutt cutie. The Winter Solstice Dog Cowl from Earthwalkers.
Every cute little dog needs a cowl. It's THE LAW.

Then there is this ridiculousness. If there was every a breed that needed a snood it's the Grayhound. (also my favorite drink at the moment. Vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. Perfect.)
Please adopt a Grayhound today and crochet them this snood from aandboriginalsdogs ASAP.

There are these silly and fantastic guys wearing their Eco Dog Coats made from recycled plastic by anniessweatshop.
Wet nose included. 

Oh noes! SHARK!!!!!!
Whew. That was close.

Last but not least is of course everyone's favorite Beanzilla Dog Sweater from BeanTownHandmade.
There are tons and tons more. I encourage you to do a search for Dog Sweater on etsy and enjoy. There are many super cute examples of dogs being submissive while frustrated knitters try to take a picture of their model who just wants to scrunch down and look sad while being yelled at. Priceless.

Watson wanted me to say one more thing.
Oh hai!


  1. awesome post! thanks so much for including my dog cowl! consider me a blog follower!

  2. OMG! I just blogged about dog coats too!

    ... very cute stuff. Being Alaska dogs that are not also huskies or malamutes, Penny and Theda can definitely identify with poor shivery Watson.

  3. Adorable - Love it!

    I have a Monday Morning Smile post every Monday
    and would love to use Dr Watson
    check it out and let me know - he has a great "smile"

  4. Yes lindee! Your smiles are adorable. Love it.
    Watson's smile was after a long hot dog filled hike. He was so happy.

  5. How funny! I love the tiger dog -- I wonder if my cat would allow me... hmmm, maybe not!! But he might go for the shark coat!!

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