Monday, January 10, 2011

Send the Scarlet Furies to Memphis!

Hey ladies and gents. Are you looking for a really cool Alternative Folk band? Then The Scarlet Furies are your men and woman. Check out their website for tour info and whatnot.
They have an opportunity to record a live album in Memphis and they've made this Kickstarter video with great incentives to help them get there.
Check it out.

Their Facebook page describes them as:
The rootsy romance of American southern gothic angels and demons, wrapped in a seductive veil of rich harmonies and anything with strings.

Raleigh Holmes- Vocals, autoharp
Buck Wilcox- vocals, guitar, bass
Ian Francisco-Bass, Keyboards, accordian
Robert Holmes- Guitars, vocals, uke
Steve Hilstein- Percussion and things that make noise

They are super awesome and you should give them some scratch to get to Tennessee.

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