Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robots Galore

It's been all robot all the time here at Diani & Devine thanks to our Kickstarter campaign to replace the n word with robot in Huck Finn. 

We have our Robot Jim. 

From Day of the Robot. Jim was a one time offer but other amazing robots can be found there. 

We also have this Robot Necklace.

 From Underoakstudios

But other people have robots too. 
A quick Etsy search reveals all. 

There's this good girl from heavymetalmilkman

This classic depiction of robot evolution from SwitchDesignsNYC.

This fine gentleman from PacificArtworks who isn't terrifying at all. 

This uneasy robot from Sandymac.

I've been lusting after the robot lamps from RoboLamp for years.

These seem to me to be essential to any nesting doll collection. Several versions can be found made by shani4d.

Last but not least we have this historically accurate t-shirt from HappyFamily.

Owning these items and other robot related goods will weigh in your favor when our robot overlords take over.
All hail our robot overlords.

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