Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Incredibly Exciting and Dangerous World of Drawer Pulls

We all have drawers to open. You might as well admit it. No one who's anyone keeps their skeletons in closets anymore. Dressers, chifferobes, cabinets and buffets are where it's at.
"But how are we supposed to open these fancy boxes to get to our stuff? Telekinesis?"
No. But enjoy that terrible website. And if you know where those people live feel free to let your dog poop on their lawn and not pick it up. They can remove it with their minds.
Getting to your stuff can be accomplished through knobs.

Etsy has a wide variety.

Michael R Doyle Mrd74 does amazing work in metal with bird skulls and other bits of natural history.

For the more geographically minded Sherry Truitt Studios has these map drawer pulls. Maybe they would be particularly good to pull open the drawers of your map collection.

Monkey Shines has a variety of cool natural history inspired pulls with a clean modern look.

Da Rosa has these awesome Star Wars little guys.
Black Turtle Metals makes all kinds of beautiful accessories for your house.

Dreamery Studio does neat natural history inspired things with drawer pulls and printing on old book pages.

Shimrita makes awesome and ridiculous cupcakes. Don't eat them.

If you can't open your drawers after this then give telekinesis another try. 


  1. I'm in such interesting company, thanks for including my work.

  2. Thank you! You made a great selection!