Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hair Follicle Pillow-Gross or Awesome?

No question this looks beautiful at a glance. It also looks well made and as it's description says it's scientifically accurate. But is it also gross? I can't decide.
I kind of really like it, but something about this diagram brings to mind to every diagram you've ever seen of a filled up sebaceous gland (ask your parents). Then I just remember scab and puss monster stories from waiting in line after lunch in 2nt grade.
Help me out here. It's cool right?
Then there is pretty much no question that the finger cross section creeps me out because the existence of under the fingernail is one of the few things that makes me squeamish (ow ow ow ow ow). But wouldn't they look great together?
At least we can all love this without any icky feelings coming up.
However we feel we should all thank MyWifeYourWife for making the world of throw pillows a little more exciting. 


  1. Errr... Thanks!!

    The biology cushions do appear to be splitting opinion right down the line. I, obviously, love them!! Especially the hair follicle.

  2. If you're upsetting someone you must be doing something right!
    I feel like any dermatologist who is remotely cool should have them in their office.
    Keep making these! The opportunity to have feelings about a throw pillow are few and far between. And they are beautiful...and possibly gross? I still don't know.